Community In Practice is about being human again, rebuilding connections with ourselves and others around us.

Our objectives are:

• Creating homes for homeless children in economically poor communities, worldwide.

•To offer those who have mental, physical, emotional, financial issues, ethical assistance in improving their lives to avoid

destitution for themselves and or their  families.

• To rehabilitate and resettle individuals with mental health issues back into their original communities, if it is safe to do so.

• To create awareness about the rights of children and vulnerable groups within communities.

•To network with organisations to create awareness about the legal rights of children and vulnerable groups in communities

to avoid marginalisation.

• To provide medical care, shelter, food & education or training. This would include professional mental health care if needed.

• To empower vulnerable children, young people and vulnerable adults through interactive programs offering them different


• Breaking down mental health stigma through public education.

• To initiate projects that help improve the economy and environment in disadvantaged communities, through building and


• To promote and protect the natural environment and biological diversity or biodiversity of the community. For example,

projects that create garden, pond and farming opportunities

Our conception

We tend to be just going, and for most of us it’s because that’s how we see life, without questioning what we see and why things are the way they are. Ask yourself, how do you know what you know and why do you tend to believe what you know?

I think going about feeling connected and in love with life is being connected, I think being blind and separated from ourselves, disliking most things and people, When we are separated from ourselfs, it’s not possible to be connected with others or the world around us, it leaves us questioning the reason for our life and what it means.

When I turned 18, I decided that life is going to be on my terms and by no means, a standard life. I was going to experience what I wanted only. Do fashion designing, have my own chain of baby nurseries and travel the world.
After testing the work environment and studying at the same time, I saw it was going to take too long in my home country and needed to experience life on the international level. I left at 21 and my passion changed from fashion to computing. I studied computing, worked and trained in adult and child care.

At 24, I got distracted by relationship and a job that was outside of my plan, four years later my body started reacting to my change of pace, which was faster than before. Working full time and overtime, paused my degree and stopped my family and fun connections. When I realised what I got myself into, the shock was too much.
I had lost that connection with even my own body and the gap with my friends and family got wider. That gap saw me getting physically and mentally ill.
Those experiences showed me how people can get broken and ways in which we can be restored and connected again, both with ourselves and others and that it takes more than a nursery and care homes, to care for others in the connected way in which it can be done socially.
Seeing other’s pain and especially children, was how Community In Practice was born.
©2016 IMA.

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