The purpose behind CIP and how we work

I am 36 years old and have been affected by mental health illness since I was 28 years old. I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder with depression and anxiety and other physical complaints. I have experienced physical and mental traumas since I was 4 years old up until I was 29 after my marriage. When I started getting medications and therapies in 2009 as a treatment for this, I was told by doctors that my mind have given up as a protective mechanism, I will not be able to lead a normal life without constant assistance again. I was not able to remember most details of my previous life, including my wedding day in 2009.

I was not able to accept those conclusions to be the rest of my life and decided to test the theories when I was better able to, in 2012 after one year of cognitive behavioral therapy and other treatments. I registered as a disabled student at the Open University to study online and finish my BSc in computers that I had started in 2002. After my first assessment with my tutor, he concluded that I did not need as much assistance as I was assigned. After one year of study I decided that I was not enjoying my course as I previously did even though my work was exceptional for my diagnosis.

I visited Jamaica in 2013 for two weeks and reconnected with family there, eating only locally grown food from the island. To my shock, it was the first time that I was able to losing any weight, I felt connected to myself and others, not experiencing the constant panics I suffered from and took no medications for two weeks. On my return to the UK, I started my research in the food people eat and the connection it has with our mental health. I moved from a full page repeat prescriptions to no prescription from my GP and a blood donor in a very short period. I saw children on the streets begging for food and more mentally ill adults than I have ever seen before on the island streets. That ignited my passion I previously had, for working with children and vulnerable adults as I had worked and studied for six years prior. This is where my idea was born for building my own company based on my personal and professional experiences in mental health.

Based on my plans and improvement with psychotherapy, my last therapist in 2015 suggested that I work with the National Health services to help them readjust their services for shorter term treatments in mental health. I found a self development course that trains people to use their own natural abilities to create and build the life that one loves rather than just surviving as most of society does. With this course, within a year, I moved from a self secluded individual who could not function around more than two people to someone talking on stage in front of 350 people I’ve never met. I am now in the final stage of my training as a life coach that will finish in December.

I am in talks with a UK company to use their program in helping 5 children I recently met in Jamaica, to open up and addressing the issues they are facing. I intend to buy and least properties and community centers to run programs that will facilitate self-help and community programs for healing through nature and farming, all areas of art and skill based creative programs that encourages adults and children to gain confidence in themselves and run programs base on what they love and enjoy doing. They will teach each other and run these programs by themselves and with assistance from university students and professionals through volunteering programs run by my charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) Community In Practice with the aim of building independence and self sustainability.

How we work

We gain the trust of individuals for themselves which will help open them up to looking at solutions for them to get back into living their lives instead of being stuck in their pain and the past.

CIP’s aim is to find untraditional ways of helping individuals and can be tailored to promoting self-help, which in turn will build self sustainability both for individuals and communities to be less dependent on charities and governmental aids. These solutions will be guided by our model constitution of our charitable incorporated organisation (CIO). This includes individual creativities, hobbies and skills that are sometimes a source of income for individuals.

To join and support CIP, please contribute to our crowdfunding and get in touch with us to see how we can work together:

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By joining our crowdfunding you are also able to get your project or projects off the ground as well 🙏🏾

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