When we are grounded and centred, we are more able to hold the space for an other, in need.

If we are not, then we leave discomfort and hurt in our foot prints for others to pick up, and then it is not a choice for those who need clarity.

This is because we are all connected vibrationally. We are not separate, our personalities are unique and holds our gift that the world needs. We were not design to stand alone as individuals and we are all powerful beings.

Our only duty is to live our true purpose in life and in doing so, we are able to truly serve others fully with our inborn gifts.

A starting point is to be grounded from within. The food we consume has a big part to play in being grounded and having true self control.

Being coachable and coached is a faster way in getting grounded.

Others see us clearer than we are able to and that is why successful people have coaches to guide them on their paths to success. I am an intuitive life coach and building a community of coaches for better living is what Community In Practice is all about.

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