What’s working or not, in our plans so far?

I would like your feedback please, on the task at hand with Life Goals.

Ok, this is the place to have your views heard and feedback on what is and isn’t working with your Life Goals so far, this way I can tailor the information I give here.

I will start out with my follow up.

Did you start journaling?

If so, what came up for you at the end, any realisations from your thoughts on paper?

Did it bring up any uncomfortable feelings, any exciting ones?

Any patterned habits you would like to change?

We can sometimes get into emotions we tend not to understand or able to describe in words. Though the more we sit with and revisit these feelings, the clearer they get with time and the less complicated our feelings get with practice of revision.

We sometimes avoid others because of these, seem what complicated feelings because they maybe new to us.

And because society trains us not to express our emotions, as it can be viewed as being weak or vulnerable, we tend to suppress them without an understanding of what they are try to telling us and in that sense, not knowing how to name them.

The more we suppress our feelings and emotions, the more withdrawn we can and tend to become and suffer in silence.

This withdrawal is classed as depression. We start mistrusting ourselves and others for the fear of being labelled as “mad” or “insane” because if we attempt to ask questions or talk about feelings, it might not make sense either.

This new habit of avoiding others tend to breath frustrations and anger towards self and others, then our bodies starts to react in illnesses and diseases. These then per-long for months and in most cases, years because the underlying factors are not being looked at or treated.

05/01/18- Continuation)

You might find it difficult to even start your plan because you are not sure of what you would like in specific, for 2018. Only our hearts can tell us what we would really love. One would have to be able to be in complete silence for long enough to hear, and that also takes practice if we are not a custom to even praying.

All is not lost though, challenge yourself to a physical activity that you have never done and that seems very hard to do. It could be as simple as lifting something really heavy, focus on your breathing only, taking deep breaths and hold for five seconds before exhaling and try to only focus on the breaths you take in and out. You might even start to get a headache from how deeply your breaths are. Stop at this point and notice your body’s reaction, if you feel energised then you were doing it right, move your body to get a higher heart beat and drink water to release the toxin build up from the above. You will get a sense of clearer thinking and that is when you try to get back to the mind silence breathing. You can try guided meditation also. The aim is to get to silence of your thoughts and anything that comes up from process, just start writing them down, try not to make sense of any of it, just write till you feel there is nothing else.

With practice of these steps you should get more and more thoughts of things that inspires you or gets you to be seeing life and things in a different way. That is getting you closer to you, to hear your hearts answers and directions.

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(06/01/2018 continuation)

More on health- If a person is of African decent their diet should be based strictly on natural living plant base foods which contains electric, yes I said electric. Rain water in the tropics tastes like electric because of the charge it contains from the waves of lightening. Natural foods that are not grown or tampered with fertilisers from outside of it immediate surroundings and environment will carry that same sweet taste as the rainwater.

Chemically enhanced natural foods will not contain the sweet undertones as electric foods and when one is a-custom to chemically enhanced foods, it will be difficult to taste the difference between each.

It is a common belief that most foods within the African diet are natural and they are not. They mainly contain starch and sugar which were designed to keep the body moving for longer periods of time. Now in the twenty first century when less physical laborious work exist, the internal body and organs finds it more difficult to excrete the toxins that are left behind after processing sugar and starch we intake continuously each day.

Nature doesn’t produce foods as fast as is needed today so food producers

have to depend heavily on the chemicals to have a faster turn out of craps in much shorter time frame, to keep up with the needs of the populations of most countries.

The less electric foods the body gets, is the more stressed it becomes and react with the feelings of less physical and mental energy. Foods that are the highest in starch are:

Yams, white potatoes, wheats, all rice (except black wild rice), standard bananas and plantains, most common beans, broccoli, corn, soybeans, bulgar, cassava, peanuts, carrots and beetroot, celery and the list could go on.

Eggs and especially the yolk stops the body from producing its own insulin and takes a very long time to leave the body and meat does the same.

A diet high in vegetables and especially raw vegetables along with nuts, seeds and herbal teas and tinctures can reverse all ailments and illnesses. Obtained in their rawest forms are most effective with no processes and added preservatives and prepared in the home kitchen are most effective when reversing physical ailments.


(07/01/2018 End of health)

If you are lost in this area still from my next recommendation then please get in touch with me so I can assist you in any way I can.

I am currently reading a book on health and I find it to be a good start for beginners and seasoned natural eaters and self healers alike. The link will take you to one place you can buy and read it for a start.

I am not endorsed by the publisher or author of this material. I am only referring to it as a further guide as I myself explore more in the series of this writer’s edited books.

Just trying out things will not work for anyone, it takes decisions of full commitment to see real results and faith for the end results.

Feel free to ask me anything on these processes in the comment box below or via email, messenger or Skype:



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Mucusless-Diet Healing System – A Complete Course for Those Who Desire to Learn How to Control Their Health Arnold Ehret

How do you feel on the 8th day of the year so far, do you still feel motivated by the goals you have set for this year?

Have you looked at them since you’ve written them?

How do they make you feel now?

 Think about how they make you feel now, can you describe the feelings, are they as strong as new year’s eve?

 Have you done anything towards making any of those goals real?

 Even as a small child, I knew I was not meant for a small life as my surroundings displayed. The drawings and sewing I did kept those dreams alive in my mind. I was an obsessive reader, I read everything I could, because I was curious about the world outside my little home towns and tiny island. Hollywood movies made me dream that I would have my own therapist to talk with and tell the experiences that I was having as a child, so that I wouldn’t have to live with them, for them to be a part of me.

 My dream to become an international fashion designer was what kept me going as I grew. Sketching was what kept my dreams alive and got me pushing through every unpleasant experience.

 Seeing our dreams in our minds eye is what I think forms our personality and keep us going forward for them, it’s what keeps go getters going and achieving. I think people who just sees what’s happening around them and keep their focus on them, is what separates wealthy people and poor people. One sees what could happen and the other sees only what have and hopes for change like a lottery win. (Action is change happening while hoping and praying stays still).

A person that only looks at the physical world, lives a small life and the person that looks with their mind’s eye, changes the world for a big life.

 Keep motivated by your actions in 2018 with your minds eye towards the person you really are.


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Identifying what could really be going on

There are days when we have the time and we just get overwhelmed by the things we had put off for days or hours just like this one and instead of starting, start to feel less motivated and depressed and don’t understand why we feel this way, we easily snap at someone for no reason of there own and we can carry on like this for some time too.

This feeling can be as simple as disappointment in our own self for not completing a task or even getting started. People tend to blame themselves first and take it out on others thinking they have caused the unpleasant feelings we are experiencing and it is always not the case.

Just having a note pad to list things we want to do can take away most of the stress we carry around with us and leaves our mind free to be more mindful of what we say and do.

We all have unconscious beliefs and stands we set from the age 0 to 5 that we are not aware of and they lead our life decisions without us knowing or being aware of them like a parent telling us as a child that we are worthless, a child that has little self confidence, we take that comment on and starts believing it, we care less of the things we do, whether they benifits us or not, no care or time is put into them as we deep down, don’t believe it matters as we think we are not worthy of reward or praise, as long as we are finish doing that task and can be left alone, that’s all that matters in this world to us. We think we are just mainly a fixture in the frame of life.

People who thinks like this lives their lives by just passing time and others tend to think they are waste of space and this is normally a ripple effect of just one care free comment from anger or upset that is not normally revisited in thoughts or reflections at the end of a day.

Asking ourselfes questions at the end of each day guides us to daily improved lives. Some of these questions should be:

What did I do today that I can improve on tomorrow?

Did I touch anyone’s life today?

Did I learn anything new today?

What can I learn from that mistake, argument or mean comment?

Or, how can I fix that problem or issue that I played a part in creating?



Did you know that if food is not chewed properly it just pass through the stomach so none of the minerals and vitamins gets in our body?

Taking the time to chew each mouthful is the easiest way to gain a faster metabolism. The slower we shew our foods, gives our mouth more time to produce saliva and the more saliva that enters the stomach allows it to break down foods easier for more absorption of vitamins and minerals. In this way also, there’s less need or requirement for gravy or drinking while eating. Drinking should take place at least five minutes after the consumption of a meal.

Breakfast is not a necessity in being and keeping healthy, it is only to supply the body of the sugar it is addicted to. If one drinks 800 to 1L of water with half freshly squeezed lime in it, we would feel more energetic in the morning and if one still feels the need to eat, have one or two types of fruit and in any quantity, at least 45 minutes after drinking the lime water. If there is no need for eating, then the first meal should be at noon.

If there is a sensational need to eat or snack more often between meals, there is most likely that anxiety is at play and this is a time for some journaling to see what comes up if it is not obvious, what is causing the anxiety.

The act reflecting is each day is to lead us closer to what’s really going on within us and a chance to explore more of who we really are, in there.

Here’s to self mastery and connecting.

Feel free to ask me anything on these processes in the comment box below or via email, messenger or Skype:



Skype name- Imesha A

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